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Warning Signs for Sex Trafficking

There are a number of indicators commonly found in instances of sex trafficking. 

If you suspect sex trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at  

1-800-3737-888. If you believe someone is in immediate danger, call 911.

Consider These to be Red Flags

  • Does not know the person who purchased their ride or is picking them up or is traveling with them

  • Traveling to obtain a job with no specific information, such as who will be meeting them

  • No control of travel identification or documents or money

  • Lies about identity and/or age

  • Has no logical means of reaching, or lacks knowledge of, final destination 

  • Does not know what city they are in or where they have been

  • Does not know their work address/home address

  • Appears to have a lost sense of time

  • Traveling on a last-minute booking paid by someone else in cash

  • Controlled or unusually submissive to a traveling companion

  • Not allowed to speak to themselves (a third party may insist on speaking for them)

  • Avoids eye contact, interaction with others , or is watchful to the point of paranoia 

  • Appears fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, or nervous/paranoid 

  • Wounds, marks, or bruises at various stages of healing

  • Appears drugged or disoriented

  • Indicates they are being held against their will 

  • Any acknowledgement that have a pimp or is making a quota

  • Offers to exchange sex for a ride/meal

  • Minor that does not appear to be accompanied by a legitimate parent or guardian

  • Minors traveling during a school day

Please Note

Many of these indicators can also be seen in lawful activities, and the presence of one or more of these indicators does not mean sex trafficking is occurring. Incidents of multiple signs are the best indications

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